“Be an example”

I Timothy 4:12 “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” 

“Do as I say not as I do.”   How many of us heard that as we were growing up?  Not a very good example to set before children who learn from their parents.  Paul told Timothy to not be concerned with his youth but be an example to all the believers.  Sometimes the children teach us adults lessons on behavior and attitudes.

One area to be an example is our speech.  What is uttered when we are upset?  Is God’s name used in profanity?  Our speech lets others know what kind of person we are, what kind of life we live.  Remember children repeat what they hear from us.  Along with Timothy our speech needs to be an example.

We also need to be an example in conduct.  How we live denotes what we are.  Does our speech and our conduct agree that we are good example Christians?  Do we want others to conduct themselves as we do?

The next one mentioned is love.  Do we love others as much as we love ourselves?  Do we have a “me first” attitude?  Remember James and John’s mother requesting that her sons be given the choice seats in the kingdom?  Not a reaction of one yielded to the Holy Spirit. 

An example in our faith is obvious to others.  How we react to problems, disappointments and trials tells those around us how much faith we have that God is in control in our lives. 

To be free from pollution is an example in purity.  Keeping oneself unspotted from the world. We are in the world, but not part of it.

This definitely is a much needed vitamin and needs to be replenished often to bring glory to God.