Have you read the book of Jonah?  Sure you’ve heard about Jonah and the great fish, but to me it is really all about God.  The book of Jonah tells me so much about God—His nature and His abilities.

1 – God is very aware of what is going on in the world.  He knows about the wickedness of mankind.  See Verse 2 of Chapter 1.  God knows everything.  He knows our innermost thought and actions.  MAY I ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!

2 – God notices and acts when His people don’t follow instructions; see Chapter  1, verse 3, when Jonah is disobedient and tries to flee from God’s presence.  We see God’s power and control in verses 4 through 9 as He sends a terrible storm that thwarts Jonah’s plans.  LET ME ALWAYS FOLLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT’S URGING!

3 – In a terrible situation, God prepared a way out.  Jonah was tossed into the stormy sea. But, God prepared a great fish that swallowed Jonah.  After being in the fish for three days, Jonah repented, prayed to God and was miraculously saved.  (Verses 1:17 and 2: 1-10)  THANK YOU, GOD, FOR YOUR PATIENCE; FOR SECOND CHANCES AND FOR MIRACLES.

4 – Jonah, chapter 3, shows what God can and will do when we follow His instructions.  God relented from His plans because of Nineveh’s repentance.  THANK YOU, GOD, FOR YOUR PROMISE IN 1 JOHN THAT WHEN I CONFESS MY SIN, YOU ARE FAITHFUL  AND JUST TO FORGIVE  MY SINS. 

  5 – In Chapter 4, Jonah is displeased with God’s Grace and Mercy.  Consider the Grace and Mercy God has shown us!  MAY I ALWAYS CELEBRATE HIS GRACE (HE GIVES ME WHAT I DON’T DESERVE), AND HIS MERCY (I DON’T RECEIVE WHAT I DESERVE).