Power of Control

“Though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered.”

   Hebrews 5:8     

          I have found that the greatest obstacle to the working of the Holy Spirit is our determination to hold on to our control, it disables the freedom of His Holy Spirit to change and mold us to the will of the Father. I have seen through study and my personal life that control is the dam that stops the flow of the Living water that springs forth by the Holy Spirit, the work of the Spirit, the will of the Father, the transformation of our lives into the image of Jesus and ultimately the joy in our lives. Can we wonder why so many of God’s children are living lives of discontent, struggling, confused, frustrated and failure? I can, for I was one!

          May I share how God brought me to a place of surrender and humility at the feet of Jesus? I came to the point that I felt my body was utterly shutting down, unable to eat, no strength, no desire or purpose to continue to live and I said Lord, please take me!  That was not His plan, He wanted me to surrender.  So I wept and said Lord, I give up, I surrender, I’m so very tired, tired of struggling and being disappointed with the things in my life.  You can have all that I am, I have no desire to control my life any longer, take it, and my will too, and it’s all yours!

          Jesus took control, restored my life, gave me purpose and now I was ready to serve Him in whatever capacity He chose. He is teaching and preparing me daily. Are you willing to serve God with a heart of humility or are you holding on to your control? Believe me the cost is too great!  The joy of absolute surrender is “that peace that passes all understanding.” “Be anxious for nothing.” The song we love to sing, “I Surrender All” takes on a new and an entirely different meaning.

          It takes this surrender in order for the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Fathers purpose, to bring us into the likeness of His Son.  Our only reason for being created was for God’s glory, companionship and a relationship with Him. His love for us is far beyond our comprehension, but a fact in reality that we must realize and accept with a heart that is open to return His love! 

This thought I will leave with you!  The joy of the Lord is my strength.  He gives me Living Water and I thirst no more!!   This well never runs dry, praise His name!