Book of James – Day 29

Yesterday was thanksgiving one of the most joyful holidays of the year. People gather and thank God for what they have and pray for the poorer people who are doing without. The worst thing is most people do not know the one true God and their prayers are never heard. Never the less they still attempt to be pious and try to reach an unknown god.

            That was yesterday and today those same people will trample each other maiming or killing each other in a frantic stampede to get the biggest toy. Not caring that yesterday they attempted to speak to a savior they did not know. The saddest part is most claim to be Christians. These Christians in name only are going to run and fight for the most and biggest toys. They are like the rich young ruler who met Jesus. He walked away from Jesus crying because he could not part with his earthly treasures. How often do we place earthly things in the way of our eternal life? Missing all of eternity for a chance to buy a big screen television so we can watch the athletes sweat, forgetting about eternity for a fleeting few moments of pleasure. 

            We as true Christians need to place Jesus first and try to reach these individuals so they can find true joy and not just a fleeting happiness. For the only true joy is found in the one true God.