Book of James – Day 26

This devotion probably should have been the first. I would like to give a better biography of James’ life.

              James was the half brother of Jesus and lived with him until Jesus turned thirty and began a public ministry. James may have been told by his father and mother that Jesus was the son of God.  But James never believed this fact. He grew up with Jesus, saw and heard about the miracles. Yet he never believed the claim that Jesus was the messiah. At one point James and his mother tried to stop Jesus from preaching thinking there was something wrong with him mentally. James knew who Jesus better than most of the world yet until he saw his resurrected brother personally he did not believe he was the son of God. Once he saw the resurrected Messiah then he believed and became a servant of God.

              Today how many Christians know of Jesus. They have heard the stories. They believed he lived and performed miracles. Yet like James they refuse to believe he is the messiah the only way to the father. Until they hear the gospel and realize that Jesus was resurrected having died for their sins. Once they know the truth. They too will become servants of the one true god, the same as James. Willing to follow Jesus where ever Jesus leads them.