When God speaks…..Day 3

A common question among non-believers and, yes, even some believers is – what is the meaning of “God laid it upon my heart” or “God burdened me?” Both of these terms mean God is telling you something He wants you to do. A few of my experiences as a patient volunteer for Hospice is that when “God lays it upon my heart” I had better listen and obey without question.

There are times when I am called to the Hospice facility to sit with a patient. Sometimes patients in their pain and distress resist the nurse’s attempt to medicate them.

This was the case with Beverly who was borderline delusional, fearful and distrusting of any attempt by the nurse to calm her. Just trying to keep her in her bed was a challenge. (Physical restraints cannot be used on patients.) In order to be less threatening to her, I stayed near the doorway and gradually moved closer to her while I was praying for God to guide me in helping this poor woman. Eventually I was sitting in a chair beside her bed while she watched me with fear in her eyes like a trapped animal. The nurse came to the door with a hypodermic needle to give her a shot and I quickly waved her away fearful she would upset the delicate balance I had managed to achieve with God’s help.

I began to sing quietly (but not very well) while I looked casually at a magazine. I gently asked Beverly if I could get anything for her. Praise God! She answered calmly and politely, “No, but thanks for asking!” This opened the door for me to ask her why she was so agitated. Well, to make a long story short, she wanted to go home and said they wouldn’t let her. She asked me to take her home or call a taxi for her or whatever.

Speaking softly, I explained why she couldn’t go home and began describing another home where she could go. (quoting Scripture is not allowed unless initiated by the patient.) As she listened, she became sleepy and then fell asleep. I prayed to Jesus that he would be with her and that if it would be His will, to show her the way home.

Beverly never needed medication again to keep her calm and died a few hours later. I feel sure she died in the loving arms of Jesus.

Often times when God speaks, He is guiding you through a difficult situation and if you listen, He will help you through. “Lean not on your own understanding and trust the Lord with all your heart.” Proverb 3:5 NIV