Read Ephesians 6:10-20

“Put on the whole armor of God…above all the shield of faith…., the helmet of Salvation…., the sword of Salvation which is the Word of God…..Praying always….that I may speak boldly as I ought to speak.”

I recently attended a Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast where the two speakers were law enforcement officers. The first speaker was a police officer who gave a short testimony about placing God first in our life. Surely, when we do that everything else in our life can fall into place.  Our family, our job, our hobbies and witnessing for our Lord and Savior become meaningful because He is our God.

The main speaker was a Sheriff’s Deputy in the County that borders ours. He described how he was shot four times; each wound could have resulted in death.  In each case, an inch or two difference would have resulted in certain death.  A fifth bullet almost cost him his foot.

The speaker related this deadly criminal attack with a kind of grim humor.  He effectively made points about his complacency making his situation far more dire.  As a Christian, he pointed out the way that we Christians are complacent in our attitudes and actions.

Are you and I allowing complacency to endanger our Christian walk and our witness?  What about a brother or sister who has not accepted the Lord? Do we endanger their hope for eternal life because we are waiting for some “perfect” opportunity to witness?  Do we wait for the “perfect” way to present our Savior?

Let’s shed our complacency and become Christians who actively witness.  We are told over and over that experience is the best teacher. The more times we witness; the more experience we gain.

God can use any witness that we offer in love, even if it is far from perfect!  He cannot use our “nothing”.  We don’t want to commit the sins of silence and complacency.  Some of us or one of our unsaved loved ones may not live through this day.  When that deputy left home that day he did not consider that it might be his last day on earth.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you need to do today!