Matthew 26:35: “Peter said to Him (Jesus), “Even if I have to die with you, I will not deny you!” And so said all the disciples.”

Matthew 26:55b: “Then all the disciples forsook Him and fled.”

Matthew 26:70: “But he (Peter) denied it before them all saying, ‘I do not know what you are saying.”

Matthew 26:72: “But again he denied with an oath, “I do not know the Man.”

Matthew 26:74: “He began to curse and swear saying, “I do not know the Man.”  NKJV

Peter gets lots of attention for his denial of Christ. Peter, as usual, was the spokesman for the disciples and is the subject of many sermons because of his failure.  Reading about his three denials certainly gives lots of exposure to his abject failures. In spite of Peter’s willingness to die with Christ, he ended up denying His Lord.

Aren’t you glad that we have never denied Jesus? Careful now; have we ever failed to acknowledge our Savior by simply saying nothing?  Maybe, we are “uncomfortable” to speak in a group that was opposed to our faith?  Maybe, we fear that we won’t know how to witness?

Perhaps, we are like the new Christian boy who went to a summer camp.  When he returned, his parents asked him if he suffered any ill treatment because of his faith.  He replied, “Oh, nobody found out that I am a Christian.”  Could this be a denial of Jesus?  Do we keep our faith quiet and private at work, when we are socializing, or in our neighborhood?  Worse yet, are we appearing to be like everyone around us?  Do we appear to be a part of the world? Are we committing the “sin of silence”?

Notice the last part of verse 35. “And so said all the disciples.” Where were they while Jesus was being tried and persecuted? They, too, were so fearful they “forsook Him and fled”.  (Matthew 26:55)  May we never be “missing in action” when the opportunity arises to witness for our Lord!

“But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.”  Matthew 10:33 NLT.