August Devotions

This month’s devotions are contributed by our church members. The following is a short explanation for this month’s devotions:

A proverb is defined as a short pithy saying in frequent and widespread use that expresses a basic truth or practical precept. William Arnot defined the proverbs of the Bible’s book of Proverbs as “much matter pressed into little rooms.” He called them “wisdom in portable form.” They can be carried with us in everyday life providing us with inspiration for daily living.

Pastor Don recently remarked to our Wednesday night Prayer Meeting that the book of Proverbs was the Bible’s “book of tweets.” The Twitter phenomenon is a remarkable occurrence in our contemporary world. Millions of tweeters are daily communicating to one another in short text messages of 140 characters or less. In light of this contemporary phenomenon, one might view the book of Proverbs as a book of divinely inspired, short text messages from God to us. It is the Bible’s book of Tweets.

Each day this month one of our church members will share a Proverbs “TWEET” with us. We hope they will be a blessing to you.