The Separation Of Abraham

     What follows is a written sermon from a series of sermons I have prepared for an evangelistic ministry.  My hope is that the readers enjoy it.  You may wish to read the text before we begin.  Genesis 12:1-5

     NOTE: Our text, Genesis 12:1-5, is NOT an account of Abraham’s conversion to a believer.  The text contains God’s commandments to Abraham and his submission to them.  God must have previously called Abraham to salvation before commanding him to leave home or at the time of His commanding Abraham.


     I will begin with these three acclamations.  1. If there is one term that defines the position of a Christian it is “separated.”  2.  If there is one thing that faith demands of Christians it is “separation.”  3.  If there is one thing the world needs more of it is “separated Christians.”

     For the purpose of this sermon separation means: the pursuit to remain true to the Christian faith by separating one’s self from sin and worldliness unto God.  This should be the intent of every Christian because that is what the lost world needs to see – separated Christians.  Lost people are affected little by non-separated Christians.

     The Bible character who is our example of Christian separation is the father of the Jews – Abraham.  Whoa, you say.  Abraham was not a N.T. Christian.  No he was not but if he were alive today he undoubtedly would be an exemplary Christian.  Regardless, the spiritual desire for Christian separation was perfectly demonstrated by Abraham as we will learn.

     This sermon will document that Abraham was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He was aware of the coming crucifixion of the Messiah.  The major difference between Abraham and Christians is that Abraham looked to the future crucified Christ while we look in the past to the crucified Christ.

     TRUTH:  Separation involves the works of two: God and the believer or Christian.  This sermon on Abraham’s separation will expose two important points:  1. God first separated Abraham to Himself.  2. Abraham separated himself unto God.

     Tomorrow we will investigate God’s separation of Abraham.  Until then may GOD BLESS YOU