DAY 8 Christianity: A Separated Life

This begins a new sermon titled, “Christianity: A Separated Life.”

Logically we begin with an INTRODUCTION which opens with these three assertions:

1. If there is one term that defines a Christian it is separated. God graciously and miraculously separates Christians from the world at salvation. However, it is also required, as we will see, that Christians separate
themselves from the world.

2. If there is one thing that faith demands it is separation. Faith separates believers from unbelievers. God knows who has faith and who does not but the world must detect our faith through Christian separation.

3. If there is one thing the world needs more of it is separated Christians. The lost need to see a different people than themselves. They need to see God living in separated Christians.

The disparaging truth is:

1. Christians are mingling with rather than separating from the world. Imagine how many Christians there are who are never recognized as being a Christian? Even worse, they don’t let on they are a Christian. Could that be because they really are not?

2. Separated Christians are becoming a scarcity in the world today. Many causes may be advanced for this but the basic reason is they are not walking in the Spirit as the Bible directs us.

3. The worst is the fact that the position of “spiritual separation” is losing favor with Christians in these last days. Christians are too fond of the things and ways of the world which John warned us against. I John 2:15-17.

The separation to which we refer is that of sanctification. Sanctification implies holiness. To be sanctified is to be holy. To be holy is to sin not. We will learn much about holiness and how we obtain it in this sermon.
Believers are called “saints” no less than 62 times in the New Testament. Saint means a sanctified or holy one. At salvation a saint receives God’s imputed righteousness which permanently separates us from the world – from the lost. In this sermon will learn of separation by sanctification and how it is acquired.

Tomorrow we will address how God separates Christians unto Himself by sanctification. Until then may GOD BLESS YOU…