DAY 5 – The Separation Of Abraham

We continue our study of God’s demands which He gave to Abraham in Genesis 12:1.  Thus far we have looked at the first two demands:  (1) Get thee from thy country and (2) Get thee…from thy kindred.  Demand number three is our subject today.

     DEMAND 3:  “Get thee…from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will show you.”   I see this as a two part command.

PART 1     “Get thee…from thy father’s house” 

     Why did God require Abraham to leave his father’s house?  I theorize this could have been God’s way of eliminating conflict of authority for Abraham.  In those days paternal authority was not to be dismissed or contended.  The family was ruled, provided for and protected by the father.  It was his right and responsibility.  Once separated from his father Abraham would not be subject to his father’s authority.

     God had a plan for Abraham which excluded his ungodly family, even his father.  Knowing that a family was guided by a father’s authority God moved to remove Abraham from his father’s authority.  By demanding Abraham to move away from his father he would then be subject to God‘s authority alone.  That is the situation God desires for Christians – that they keep themselves subject to God’s authority above all other.

     We live in days where children rebel against and run away from home to escape parental authority.  More often than not this spells ruination of their lives.  No doubt some readers, like me, have experienced this Satanic rebellion of children.  Admittedly the children get much assistance from the godless propaganda machines of the world like public schools.

     Christians also can and do reject or resist God’s authority.  Rebellious Christians become spiritual wrecks until they return to God’s authority.  The Apostle Paul cited two such Christians in I Timothy 1:19-20.  Hymenaeus and Alexander made themselves spiritual shipwrecks, according to Paul, because they strayed from the faith.  They left God’s Word of authority.  I fear there are many Hymenaeuses and Alexanders these days who are not abiding in God’s authority.

     Can we not conclude that a Christian will not be happy or useful to God as long as they spurn God’s authority?  When we reject God’s authority we are left with man’s authority which is a failing substitute.

     God told Abraham “Get thee…from thy father’s house.”  This was done, possibly partly, to free Abraham from conflict of authority.  Following his departure from his father Abraham had another thing to do.  Tomorrow we will go there.  Until tomorrow may GOD BLESS YOU