DAY 26 Christian Ambassadors


This is one of my favorite sermons because it speaks of a subject which Christians almost never hear in church. That is sad because the subject truly defines an aspect of Christianity which we seldom think about. I suppose the cause of its obscurity is due in part to its limited mention in the Bible but that does not diminish the importance of it.

Today our topic is the position of an ambassador. Yes, whether we know it or not Christians are ambassadors. It seems best if we define the position of ambassador at the start.

“ ‘ambassador’ refers to a diplomatic agent of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or government to another either as a resident representative or on extraordinary or special service.” It is hoped that this sermon will magnify the role of ambassador as it pertain to Christians.

This truth is overlooked but ambassadors were a common figure in the O.T. times. Many O.T. kings and generals utilized ambassadors in dealing with other nations and powers. Surely we know that ambassadors play a vital role in international relationships today. What we probably don’t know is that God’s church is to be filled with ambassadors.

The importance of ambassadors was heralded by the writer of the book of Proverbs. “A wicked messenger falleth into mischief: but a faithful ambassador is health.” Proverbs 13:17 An honest and loyal ambassador can ensure the welfare of his ruler and nation.

This sermon will introduce the greatest ambassador the world has ever known. Of course the world doesn’t recognize this ambassador but the church surely does. In addition to the supreme ambassador we will meet His embassage. I hope you get the thrill from this as I got in the preparation of it.

Tomorrow we will meet the greatest ambassador – the heavenly Ambassador. Until them may GOD BLESS YOU