DAY 25 An O.T. Example of Separation unto God

This continues our story of the Rechabites found in Jeremiah Chapter 35. Why did God command Jeremiah to gather the Rechabites and give them wine to drink? We answer that question today.

God used the Rechabites as an object lesson to the Israelites. No doubt God knew that they would reject the wine offered them by Jeremiah. If the Rechabites were to drink the wine God would not have employed this tactic. But God knew the hearts of the Rechabites like He knows our hearts. The Rechabites determinedly remained true to their father which was where the Israelites failed their heavenly Father.

God was deeply disgusted with Israel which He made known in His second commandment to Jeremiah after the Rechabites refused to drink wine. In Verses 12-15 God reveals exactly what displeased Him. He commanded Jeremiah to say to the people, “Will ye not receive instruction to hearken to my words?” Israel was not only disobeying God they were not listening to Him.

Israel’s great insult to God was their inattentiveness to His words. God had shown them how the Rechabites kept the words of their father, Jonadab, but His words went unheard and unheeded by Israel. God reminded them in Verse 15 how He had sent a parade prophets to them warning them to leave their evil ways and return to Him. Did the people listen? No. God indicted them for not inclining (lending) their ears to Him. Would you agree that the same fault pervades the church today?

We all know that our actions bring consequences both good and bad. In Verses 16-19 Jeremiah, speaking for God, relates the outcome for both the disobedient Jews and the faithful Rechabites. This is what God said He would do to the ungodly Israelites. “Behold, I will bring upon Judah and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem all the evil that I have pronounced against them…” Inattentiveness to God’s Word brings bad consequences.

To the obedient Rechabites God said this: “…Jonadab the son of Rechab shall not want a man to stand before me forever.” What God was saying is that every one of those faithful Rechabites would stand before Him forever. As Christians how comforting it is to know that, as God promised the Rechabites, we will stand with them in heaven before our God and savior Jesus Christ, for eternity. PRAISE GOD!

I don’t think it any stretch of the imagination to see a lesson in the story of the Rechabites for Christians today. The Rechabites lived a separated life from the world unto God their Father. Christians don’t have to follow their code of separation exactly but we are to live separated lives unto God. The guidelines and codes for such a living are given us in the New Testament of God’s Word.

Are you a Christian? Are you attempting to live a separated life unto God? If so GOD WILL REWARD YOU on that day.