DAY 21 Prodigal Christians

We have been covering the Lord’s parable of the Prodigal Son. He got his inheritance and immediately left home for a far country. He lived immorally and wantonly in a foreign country. Today we will learn of the Prodigal Son’s revival.

I like to think of Luke 15:17-19 as “Humility in the Hog Pen.” I like the wording, “And when he came to himself…” in Verse 17. The prodigal Son suddenly realized that his hog pen experience was not necessary. He needed not to be so destitute. Everything that he needed was at his father’s house.

As with the Prodigal Son, what a glorious moment it is when a prodigal Christian awakens to the truth of their self-inflicted predicament. It is a grand spiritual revival when a prodigal Christian realizes his waywardness and hastens home to the Father.

After regaining reality the Prodigal Son made three resolutions. (1) I will return to my father. (2) I will admit that I have sinned before God and my father. (3) I will ask my father to take me back as a hired servant because I am not worthy to be called a son. Wow, what a change of heart. The Prodigal Son was completely taken over with true repentance.

Like the Prodigal Son prodigal Christians must come to loathe their spiritual “hog pen” situation. They must painfully realize they are not where they ought to be either physically or spiritually. They must feel a burning desire to rush back home – back to Father God.

The Prodigal Son’s father is waiting with forgiveness in Verse 20. Doubtless, as the Prodigal Son raced home his emotions and thoughts were mixed. Surely he was excited about returning home but he held doubts about his father’s reaction. Regardless of the uncertainty the Prodigal son was resolved to face and accept whatever came.

Surprise! The father had been daily waiting and watching for his son’s return. When the father saw his son in the distance he ran to greet him. The son confessed to the father and the exuberant father gave the Prodigal Son a VIP reception. All was now forgiven and forgotten.

That is a beautiful picture of the reception that a prodigal Christian will receive when they repent and return to God. He patiently waits for prodigal Christians to come back to Him. When they do God forgives them and restores them as before. Remember, it isn’t God who leaves prodigal Christians. Prodigal Christians leave God. But praise be to God for He will always welcome prodigal Christians home.

I hope you have enjoyed this sermon on Prodigal Christians. A new sermon will be presented tomorrow. Until then may GOD BLESS YOU