DAY 18 Prodigal Christians

The beginning of a new sermon titled “Prodigal Christians” is where we are today. No doubt the title immediately brings to mind the parable of Jesus which is commonly called, The Prodigal Son. You may want to read Luke 15:11-24 before you proceed. We will call attention to verses of the text as we proceed.

I agree with the preacher who suggested that a more appropriate name for that parable would be “A Gracious God” or “Our Gracious God” rather than The Prodigal Son. The real point of that parable is a gracious God who welcomes home a wayward sinner and restores him completely.

Furthermore, I see this parable more as a rebuke of the hypocritical, self-righteous Pharisees who maligned the common Jews who came to belief in God and lived for God. Similarly there are many BIG TIME preachers and evangelists today who act like the rest of Christendom are their subjects instead of God’s.

Since we will be discussing the Prodigal Son and Prodigal Christians we should first define what is meant by the term prodigal. The English word prodigal comes from the Greed word meaning: to be wastefully or recklessly extravagant in spending money or resources.

Question: Could there not be wasteful Christians as well as wasteful sinners? Certainly and this sermon will make that truth very clear. As a matter of fact, though I don’t have any numbers, I think the number of prodigal Christians equal or surpass the number of faithful Christians in our churches today.

In this sermon we will use information given for the Prodigal Son to draw a parallel with prodigal Christians. I hope you understand that I am not altering or polluting Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son. I am merely showing how information for the Prodigal Son adapts well to the possibility of prodigal Christians.

Tomorrow we will meet the Prodigal Son. Until then may GOD BLESS YOU