DAY 15 Christian Citizens

As stated in yesterday’s introduction the dual citizenship of Christians is the focus of this sermon. I know we all understand that Christians are first earthly citizens. We became citizens of America by our physical birth or we were naturalized. Because we are American citizens it is the American government to which we are subjects.

As you may or may not know, America’s government was drafted and ratified to be a Constitutional Republic. Tragically most Americans think that we are a democracy which is an indictment for our educational system’s ineptness. A lesson in government is not the intent here but I will offer this warning. The real danger is our government is transforming itself into a totalitarian government exercising total control over its citizens.

A constitutional government is one that is guided, controlled and constrained by a constitution – an official document of governance. The official governing document for America is “The United States Constitution.” Complementary to the Constitution we have the Bill of Rights. These two articles form the legal framework for America’s government. I dislike throwing more cold water but our matchless, precious articles of governance are being ridiculed and riddled by our present government.

As American citizens we are subject to the laws of the land. As Christians we are commanded to obey our country’s laws. As American citizens we enjoy the rights and privileges afforded by the government. America has worldwide acclaim for the freedoms extended to its people. As American citizens we may also be called upon to defend our country. Sadly that seems to be an everyday demand.

Many people do not know that human government exists because God ordained it. Governments are accountable to God. In Romans chapter 13 we read that human government is the instrument of God. Human government is supposed to maintain civil order and protect the people. It is duty bound to police and punish lawbreakers and reward the law abiders.

The fact is governments are failing God and the people worldwide. The world blares with civil unrest, chaos, terrorism and wars. Earthly citizens everywhere are anxious, perplexed and frightened. Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are fueling angry protests globally. It is my belief that the governments are most to blame because they are becoming more anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-Christian. That is a recipe for disaster as we know.

Can we not say that our earthly citizenship is tenuous at best? There is no real peace or hope for earthly citizens. Our earthly citizenship is wrought with trials, troubles and tribulations. The woeful truth is if all one has is an earthly citizenship, an American citizenship, they have not much.

Is there something better? Yes and we will speak of it tomorrow. Until then may GOD BLESS YOU…