DAY 14 Christian Citizens

This begins a new sermon which I have titled, Christian Citizens. By way of INTRODUCTION I give these opening thoughts. There are two classes of American citizens, the lost and the saved, with the former far outnumbering the latter. This unbalanced citizenship encompasses the earth.

The gist of this sermon is the contrast between lost American citizens and saved American citizens. Everyone everywhere is a citizen but not all citizens are Christians. There are also Christian citizens all around the world but those in America are our concern here.

Since we are dealing with citizens and citizenship let us give a definition of “citizen.” A citizen is (1) a member, native or naturalized, of a state or nation, as distinguished from an alien (2) a person owing allegiance to a government and entitled to its protection. My comment: We have a pathetic situation in America with a huge host of aliens and illegal citizens who hold no real allegiance to America. IT IS RUINING OUR COUNTRY!

Our emphasis will be on the dual citizenship of Christians. Lost Americans have only their earthly citizenship – their American citizenship. Saved Americans are citizens of both America and heaven. BIG DIFFERENCE. When Americans who have only their earthly citizenship die they become citizens of hell. When saved Americans die, because they have a heavenly citizenship, they become eternal citizens of heaven.

You have probably heard the expression, “ Born once – die twice. Born twice – die once.” We can similarly say, “One citizenship – die twice. Two citizenships – die Once. That may be kind of silly but true nevertheless.

In this sermon we will make a comparison between those having just an American citizenship and those having dual citizenships both in America and in heaven. I hope you are among the latter.

Tomorrow we will discuss Christians as earthly citizens. Until then may GOD BLESS YOU…