April 20

They took Jesus to the Sanhedrin… They were looking for evidence so that they could have him put to death, but they did not find any. Many testified falsely against him, but their testimony did not agree. Some stood up and said I heard him say he would destroy this man-made Temple and rebuild it in three days but even their testimony did not agree… Then the high priest stood up and asked, “are you not going to answer these accusations?” All the while Jesus said nothing. (Mark 14:53-61 NIV)

The trial of Christ shows us one thing for sure, namely, the Sanhedrin had nothing on Jesus. However much they despised and hated Him, they could not truthfully accuse him of anything except exposing their own hypocrisy. These men show us an important part of our old human nature that still struggles for survival within each and every one of us. That cancer is resentment.

Resentment must take root before there can be hatred. No one has ever just walked up to someone they did not know and say, “I hate you.” There must be a cause for hatred. That cause comes from a heart condition called resentment. That is what first flared the Pharisees hatred of Christ. Every time Christ spoke against their hypocritical hearts and godless attitudes, whenever the people cheered after Christ for his authoritative presentations of God’s word, which the Pharisees could not match, their resentment of Him grew. Beware of resentment! Resentment, if left unchecked, will consume you, like it did the Pharisees.




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  1. That was a powerful message about resentment and how it can consume. Thank you for pointing out how our emotions can turn into something more and the importance of not allowing them to take over.

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