April 15

While in Bethany a woman came and anointed Jesus’ head with a very expensive jar of perfume. Some present said, “why this waste this could have been sold for a lot of money.” Jesus said, “leave her alone, she has done a beautiful thing preparing me for my burial.” Then Judas one of the twelve went to the chief priest to betray Jesus to them. (Mark 14:3-11 NIV)

This is the first mention in Scripture of Judas’ intention to betray Christ. I can’t help but think what drove him to it? Here was a man in Christ’s inner circle. He walked with Him for three years, saw his miracles, and heard His words. Yet, here he is going to the chief priest to betray Christ.

Was it Christ’s continuous prophecies about his death? Did this talk about anointing and burial finally break Judas’ confidence in Jesus?  “This can’t be the Messiah,” Judas might have thought, “His words don’t fit my expectation.

Before you start throwing stones at Judas, maybe you ought to ask yourself if you ever feel that Christ doesn’t meet your expectations. You too may have a may have a disillusioned mindset. Christ came with a set purpose, to die for sin. Judas did not see it the same way. Do you ever tell God that you have a better idea? If so, that’s a danger place to be, and, like it was with Judas, it could have dire consequences for you.