February 8

Bible Reading: “Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.” (Psalm 91:3)

The fowler was a hunter of birds whose chief means of capturing his winged prey was the snare. The snare consisted of a hidden noose into which unsuspecting game would wander. Once a fowl stepped into the noose the trip cord was pulled and the trap sprung. Afterward, the fowler stepped out from hiding to collect his quarry now dangling helplessly by its heels.

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul warns us about the snares of the devil (1 Timothy 3:7). The devil is the “fowler” whose snares we need to be cautioned about. In the days of the Prophet Hosea, the man of God was warned that snares awaited him on all his paths (Hosea 9:8 NIV). Likewise, today’s men and women of God need to be warned that their paths are strewn with the hidden nooses of Satan’s snares. 

Is there any wonder that the Apostle Paul instructed us to walk cautiously, carefully looking where we step (Ephesians 5:15)? Just one careless step and we’re liable to be snatched up by the heels. Afterward, while dangling helplessly in midair, we’ll find ourselves wondering how we got into such a predicament. Then the devil will step out from hiding, to the giggles and glee of his godless imps, and the cause of our condition will become painfully clear.

Like a spiritual mine-detector, our God can show us the way to sidestep Satan’s hidden nooses and to dodge all of the devil’s snares. He can even grant us repentance, so that we can escape from any snare we’re already dangling by, as well as from the devil who sprung it on us in order to take us captive to do his will (2 Timothy 2:25-26). “Surely,” as the Psalmist proclaims, our God “shall deliver [us] from the snare of the folwer.”

“To be entirely safe from the devil’s snares the man of God must be completely obedient to the Word of the Lord. The driver on the highway is safe, not when he reads the signs but when he obeys them.” (A.W. Tozer)