Inside/Outside #6

“For such is God, Our God forever and ever; He will guide us until death.”

Psalm 48:14

Like yesterday, today I shall depart from our Inside/Outside theme for another purpose.

You may or may not know that just recently, August 18th, we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of our wedding which took place in 1951 at the venue of our very first pastoral assignment in East Lindley, New York.

In 1948 Mrs. B, who at that time came from Youngstown, Ohio to Binghamton, New York to attend the Practical Bible Training School as Eleanor Alberta Witter. At the same time I came out of a ‘political leaning way of life’ to attend the same Bible training institution which was designed to prepare one for Christian ministries. The atmosphere of a Bible training institute is a most ideal place to meet up with a helpmate, even though you are not there to find one. And I was among others of the enrollment to locate one who after 60 years continues devoted and still actively serving to the children who have a special place in her heart and life service.

Following 6 years as the first full time pastor of the East Lindley Baptist Church and having built a parsonage and church addition we were called to serve as pastor and wife to the Berean Baptist Church in Endwell, New York. It was there that over 9 years we sold and bought another parsonage, relocated and built a church. From there in 1966 we accepted the invitation to pastor the Grace Baptist Church of Cedarville, Ohio the home of Cedarville University. In 1975 we left a thriving church which had double services and a prayer meeting of 300 in attendance to accept an invitation to pastor the Lake Harbor Baptist Church of Muskegon, Michigan. After a bit over 3 years we went to Northeast Pennsylvania to Pastor the Summit Baptist Bible Church at Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania where there was also the Baptist Bible College and Seminary. After serving there for 5 years and relocating the church to another property we accepted the invitation to pastor the Faith Baptist Church of Zephyrhills, Florida from which we retired in 1995 and served as short term missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand and for more than 6 years in Manila, Philippines.

Today, before or after you read this personal devotional commentary, we leave for an extended celebration of this anniversary in taking an Amtrak journey to Los Angeles via Washington, D.C. and Chicago. After spending a week with our first daughter and husband we will journey back to Miami and Zephyrhills via Celebrity Cruise through the Panama Canal and Amtrak back to Lakeland arriving October 4th.

The opening verse from the Psalms was taken to be our ‘life verse’ and still is such for God has not changed but He has changed us and all for the good.  Romans 8:28