Inside/Outside #25

The fruit of the Spirit is obvious…pure…lovely….good report

Today our ship, The Millennium is docked at Puerto, Guatemala and as of this writing all is well and we just came out of a glorious celebration of our 60th sponsored by our two daughters, Cheri and Debbie and for which we were grateful to have some of you join with us for the occasion.

Paul wants the Philippian Christians to be thinking about things that will improve their lives and extending that benefit to others who are within the reach of their influence.

As we think about these virtuous quality traits, we should remember that the unregenerate person breaks into a behavior that is pure, lovely and of a good report but basically this is not natural to him. The Christian person may lapse into things that are not pure, not lovely and not of a good report but he will loathe that behavior.

By definition thinking on things that are pure means that your life is focused upon things which are not compromised or contaminated by extraneous and unnecessary elements. That kind of a life provides the healthiest relationship to the church and within the church.

By definition, thinking upon things that are lovely means that your focus is fastened upon the beautiful, attractive things of life; things that are pleasant, enjoyable and delightful. Why waste time and throw away spiritual energy by dwelling upon things that are less, much less, than beautiful, attractive, pleasant, enjoyable and delightful.

By definition, thinking upon things that are of a good report means that you have developed a maturity which enables you discern between the good and the evil. Those who deliberately choose to be immature have no interest in making such distinctions. Hebrews 5:14”14But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.”