Inside/Outside #21

The acts of the flesh are obvious: disobedient to parents…no understanding…no fidelity

In our continuing anniversary journey through the deep seas, today we are in port at Cabo San Lucas in Mexico and tonight we journey on toward Acapulco.

At the time Paul wrote the Words of God to Timothy he said that in the ‘latter days’ among other things ‘disobedience to parents’ will create a climate that is perilous and dangerous.

By definition, disobedience is a failure or refusal to obey rules and requirements that are stipulated by someone in authority. In the case of Timothy’s words the authority has to do with parents. I think that the breakdown of our society including the government of home, the community, employment, the church and the nations of the world can be sourced back to the disrespect of the authority structures within the home. It used to be that parents made a difference because their authority was listened to and respected by being obeyed. Because it has largely diminished or vanished there, it has impacted and influences the dangerous and perilous conditions everywhere.

By definition, understanding includes the ability to comprehend with a sympathetic awareness and tolerance. Within the Bible you can often find that wisdom and understanding are coupled together. One may have the wisdom in knowing what is within God’s purpose and plans: James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” So the wisdom is there and available but to have the understanding to accept, understand and act upon that wisdom is often neglected or rejected.

By definition, fidelity is faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief which is demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. In our current series of devotionals we are examining that which is naturally on the inside which potentially can work its way to the outside. To be without obedience, without understanding and without faithfulness is both perilous and dangerous. The person deserving our obedience, understanding and fidelity is the one we profess to be our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The cause is the church for which He gave his life to procure and the belief is sourced in that other necessary food which is the Word of God.