Inside/Outside #12

The acts of the flesh are obvious:…discord…jealousy….fits of anger

A thorough treatment and investigation of those character qualities and behavioral instincts which are on the inside of us can be very discouraging, distressing and disappointing until and unless they are offset by the more positive ones which are available.

These acts of the flesh are always present and unless subdued will work their way to the outside and effect and impact the sphere of influence which is in the realm and reach of your life.

The synonyms for discord may more clearly define the word itself such as: conflict, struggle, controversy, antagonism, argument, contention, quarreling. These represent the contest of wills which are at odds when the life is being lived out in the presence of another be it in the home between the spouses and/or siblings; or siblings with siblings. Or be it in the school, among the students with students or students with faculty or faculty with faculty. Or be it at work among the workmates with workmates, or workmates with supervision, or supervision with employees. And since this is a church related devotional can we assume that discord and all synonyms exist within its framework.

To be jealous means that you have feelings of resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry and success; and coupled with discord it is a dangerous, divisive and destructive when active within the home, school, work or church. I suspect that you’re searching the scriptures will produce illustrations of its effect when it works its way to the fullest fruition.

To be angry or to have fits of anger means that you are overcome with strong feeling of displeasure rising to the level of belligerence aroused by something wrong in deed  such as Jesus and dealing with the temple desecrators. On the other hand there are strong feeling of displeasure rising to the level of belligerence which is the product of discord and jealousy.

As you go about this day, do so with the confidence that these ‘fleshly’ inside instincts may and can be overcome by the miracle and marvel of putting on a ‘new man’ created in the image of Jesus Christ.