“…and a little child shall lead them…” (Isaiah 11:6)

The Thomas More Law Center defends pro-life groups who attempt to inform America about the horrors of abortion by dragging larger-than-life banners behind airplanes. These banners, flown up and down crowded tourist areas, show dismembered aborted babies. Many protest that they are offensive and should be outlawed. Even some within the pro-life movement feel that they harden hearts against the cause.

Do pictures of emaciated bodies of Jews stacked up like cord wood displayed at holocaust museums harden people against Jews and turn them into Nazis? How about exhibits of blacks being lynched? Do the membership roles of the KKK swell after people see these pictures? The mini-series Roots, as well as Steven Spielberg’s motion picture Schindler’s List, were designed to show the realities of chattel slavery and extreme prejudice masquerading behind the mask of “duty.” In fact, both Jews and blacks want children to see these stark and horrifying images. Prejudice and hate are bred early, and so are justice and mercy.

Some argue that pictures of aborted babies are too shocking for young children. I disagree. It’s possible that their trauma might shock their pro-abortion parents into reality, as the case of Jean Staker Garton proves.

Mrs. Garton tells a story from her “pro-choice”  days. According to her, she was putting the finishing touches one night on a slide presentation. One of the slides showed a graphic image of an aborted baby. Her body had been dismembered by a curette, the long-handled knife used in a D & C abortion procedure. With the bloody image still on the screen, Jean turned and realized to her horror that she was not alone. Her youngest son, unable to sleep, had entered the room. He asked his mom a simple question: “Who broke the baby?”

This child knew what he had seen. Afterward, his mom became a pro-life advocate and now spends her time trying to end what she once promoted. Maybe it’s time for more children to awaken more Americans with the same question. Let the banners fly!

Devotion taken from an article by Gary DeMar.

Author: Pastor Don

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