SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE: Family is Fundamental

“God created man in His own image…male and female created He them.” (Genesis 1:27)

Since the beginning of time, the family has been the fundamental building block for society!

God put man and woman on this earth and told them to “be fruitful and multiply.” The creation of Adam and Eve is the greatest evidence supporting the fact that the Almighty intended the complete family unit to be the basis of human society. Not only is the family a building block for society—but also for procreation, financial security, and even evangelism. Because the family is so foundational for society at large, Satan has done everything in his power to see that the family unit is destroyed. He has attempted anything that demeans the sanctity of the marriage bond or berates the uniqueness of family ties.

Without a family there is no home. Without a positive home life, there is no haven from the strife and pressures of daily living. Satan would love nothing more than for each of us to walk through the valley of death everyday. He attempts to do this by stripping you of the benefits that love and approval of family bring. Satan’s attack against the family manifests itself through a variety of spiritual and societal ills. Abortion, abuse, adultery, covetousness, disunity, divorce, enmity, financial troubles, homosexuality, lesbianism, love of money, murder, strife—all are works of the flesh, tools Satan relentlessly uses to attack the fundamental, God-ordained, building blocks of human relations.

The foundational relationship of the family is the husband and wife. The importance of this divine partnership has been demonstrated through the millennia. After all that is why God created Eve—as a companion suitable for Adam. If Adam could have made it on his own, there would have been no need for Eve. Any student of biography and history can tell you that a man who has achieved great accomplishments has had a strong and mutually supportive wife in his life. Even secular success guru Napoleon Hill, author of one of the great personal goal-achievement books, Think and Grow Rich, wrote that one of the major causes of failure in the business and personal life is due to the wrong selection of a mate in marriage. Think about that.

Devotion taken from Pastor John Hagee’s book Bible Positions on Political Issues

Author: Pastor Don

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